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Jackling, Daniel C.

Daniel C. Jackling forever changed the course of mining history as “The Father of Open-Pit Mining.”

In 1903, Jackling set out to acquire the Bingham Canyon property in Utah; one of the largest known porphyry copper deposits.  Because of the complex mining and metallurgical problems involved with handling such disseminated ore (2%), no one believed the property could ever be profitable.  However, Jackling formed the Utah Copper Company and, under great criticism, “Jackling’s Folly” was underway.

Jackling built an enormous mill that recovered copper so cheaply, it was hailed throughout the industry as a revolutionary achievement.  To further increase profits, he used steam shovels, making Bingham Canyon the first copper mine in the U.S. to use them.  He revolutionized all of mining in regard to low-grade ores; he developed open-pit mining; he used railroad cars for cheap transportation of materials; he used flotation as soon as that method of concentrating became available.

His phenomenal enterprises at such properties as Bingham Canyon, Chino and Ray proved to the world that Daniel Jackling was indeed the “Father of the Porphyries,” and he was awarded the highest honors the engineering profession can give.

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Lived  1869 - 1956

Inducted 1988

Inductee #13