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Boy Scout Troop 52 & the Blaster

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July 26,2016

Harrison Schmitt Expanding Boundaries lunar exhibit

Boy Scout Troop 52 made the drive from Williard, MO as part of a road trip to various mining-related places to earn their Mining in Society merit badges. The Scouts had a list of items/questions they had to research while touring and reported they found the answers to all but two questions in the museum alone. Their favorite exhibits were the Hard Rock Mine and Expanding Boundaries (lunar mining). The troop came away with the realization that most things in our everyday lives begin with a mined product but the most important thing to come out of a mine is the miners! Thanks for visiting and good luck earning those badges Troop 52!

In a strange coincidence, another visitor overhead the conversation with the troop and commented he and his wife were visiting from the Williard, MO area, too. Kevin Parker is a retired blaster whose grandfather started Chemical Products in 1964 in Bonne Terre, MO. Kevin’s father worked there and Kevin worked there as well, until the company was sold to Austin Powder in 1986. Kevin went on to work for Austin Powder before retiring after 22 years in the business. While perusing the exhibits, Kevin found an old wooden Austin Powder dynamite box in one of the blasting displays. How cool is that!

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