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Good natured satire to raise for funds for museum

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April 8,2020

The Great Debate Industry Roast is a good natured fundraising event based on industry stereotypes, and is designed to make you laugh while at the same time raising money to support museum operations. A few of the nation's leading self-aggrandizing mining professionals from six industry sectors have been enlisted to roast and ridcule while making their case for being the most important sector to mining or, at the very least, the funniest sector of mining. 

SME's MiningEngineering has joined in the fun and will print one sector's position statement (and post online to their website) each month throughout 2020. The Debate's sector Leaders include:

Tim Arnold (, front and center, representing Miners (engineers & equipment operators, diesel mechanics, and the like); 

Marc LeVier (, lower left corner, representing Metallurgists and Processing People;

Ruby Barickman (, left middle, representing Emerging Leaders (those under 40);

William Lipps (, left top, representing Environmental, Safety and Governance;

Ann Carpenter ( & Kelly Ward (, right middle and top, representing Women in the Mining Professions; and,

Douglas Silver (, lower right corner, representing Geoscientists (geologists, geochemists, geophysics, land).           

Doug Silver kicked off the series for the Geoscientists by proclaiming, "Every profession  is important in the mining industry.  We geoscientists are just more important. For instance, there is no god name Engin.  There is one named Geos. Just sayin'."  Taking a punch at the metallurgists,Tim Arnold stated, "Metallurgists will wax on and on (and on and on) about how nothing happens without them while ignoring the fact, without miners nothing would be delivered to them to pull only an ounce of gold out before sending tons to the tailings pile."  The metallurgists led by Marc LeVier retorted, "Everyone knows geologists love rocks, they love to lick rocks, they love to drill rocks but geology is a STEM degree without knowledge of math meanwhile, the miners just plod along looking for stuff to blow up and ship anything and everything as ore.  It's truly the process engineers who create value from nothing and maximaize profitabilty."  Read the articles in their entirety in SME's Mining Engineering in print or online at The Great Debate, join the debate with your own snarky observations, and donate to your professional sector.  Recruit your colleagues, college chums, your companies, your vendors, and anyone else with a dollar or a hundrend in their pocket to contribute to ensure your sector comes out on top of the heap.  (Environmental is currently the top dog).     









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