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Psychic Medium Sarah Paige to seek Spirits in the Shaft

January 10,2019

The NMHFM in partnership with Cookies with Altitude, Silver King Inn and Suites, Casa Sanches, and Alpine Furniture is thrilled to share Claircognizant, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient Psychic Medium, SARAH PAIGE, will be our featured guest at this year's annual winter fundraising event Spirits in the Shaft.  She often ‘knows’ things without knowing why, as well as has the ability to see, sense, feel and hear those who have crossed over into spirit. She also practices Psychometry (sensing energy in objects) and Cartomancy which entails reading a regular deck of poker cards (the original Tarot) and Oracle cards.

As a Medium, Sarah loves bringing messages from Angels, Guides, and departed loved ones to clients believing that showing someone their loved ones are whole and still very much involved in the lives of those on earth is the best part of her gift. At all times, Sarah strives to use the spirits’ own words, gestures, and tones and asks for information she couldn’t possibly know.

Sarah’s not quite sure what folks expect, but she can assure you there isn’t an “As Seen on TV” sticker stuck to her forehead nor does her head spin completely around.  She’s your simple, big-hearted, expressive woman from a large Italian family (yes, they’re loud) who knows the Denver Broncos rule, has lived in the beautiful State of Colorado most of her life and happens to see dead people. 

Sarah’s always felt different: like an adult in a child’s body. She was far too logical for the average kid and always seemed to just know stuff – stuff a kid shouldn’t or couldn’t know - like when the Broncos were going to win/lose (she claims her Dad should have bet!) or when the phone was about to ring or when something wasn’t going to work out the way the adults around her thought. She often cried at the unfairness of things or from feeling invisible and different from others. It wasn’t until Sarah was thirty-five she came to realize it was all part of her Claircognizant empathic gift.

Sarah started using her gifts professionally in 2011. She conducts private, semi-private and group readings and assists police and families in investigations and missing-persons cases.  Having experienced self-serving individuals in the spiritual “business,” Sarah takes being a Psychic Medium very seriously and always strives to keep a high level of integrity in the forefront.  Having read for family members of the Aurora Theater shooting victims, as well as many other spirits of murder and suicide, Sarah is adamant about her ethicsShe credits God for her gifts and believes they are incredible blessings to be nurtured, respected and used to bring peace to those she reads.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to interact with Sarah. Get your Spirits in the Shaft tickets now!  



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