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Artifact and Specimen Donation

The curatorial department has a formal process for accepting artifacts into our collections. This is so we can be certain we have the resources and space to care for and exhibit the artifacts. Curatorial staff will evaluate all items offered to the Museum. The evaluation process may take from two to three weeks up to two months. The more information you can provide us on an item's history helps us determine whether it is appropriate for our collections. 

If we decide to add it to our collections, we will send you a Deed of Gift agreement to sign and return; this legally transfers ownership of the item to the National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum.

Please do not mail or ship unsolicited donations to the Museum.
If you are interested in donating historical artifacts related to mining or geology specimens, please contact our Curatorial Department to discuss a formal donation:
Stephanie Johnson


If you prefer to write, please address your letter to: The National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum, 120 W. 9th Street, Leadville, CO 80461

To view a sample Deed of Gift Form CLICK HERE.
To view a sample Donation Information Form CLICK HERE.
To view a sample Loan Form CLICK HERE.
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide appraisals. If a value is needed for tax purposes, potential donors should seek a professional appraisal service.



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