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The National Mining Hall of Fame is a memorial for men and women who achieved lasting greatness in the mining and natural resource environment. As of September 2019, 248 men and women have been inducted. 


The National Mining Hall of Fame is chartered by Congress. Its purpose is best expressed by R. A. "Red" Fenwick, a Denver newspaperman who was an early supporter of establishing the Hall of Fame. The following dedication by Fenwick is found at the entrance to the Hall of Fame:


"To ignite a torch from the blazing chapters of mining and prospecting history, with which to illuminate the lives and heroic deeds of men and women who pioneered the development of this vastly rich empire, and thus to encourage and inspire future generations of young Americans.  It is to the proper honor and perpetuation of the memories of these pioneers of mining industry today, that the National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum is dedicated." 


In order to be nominated, a candidate must have had a personal impact upon the mining industry for 30 years or be at least 55 years of age. Consideration is given to prospectors, miners, mining leaders, engineers, teachers, financiers, inventors, journalists, rascals, geologists and others. Inductees are selected from the full list of candidates by the Board of Governors, consisting of outstanding leaders in the industry, and are then inducted at the annual banquet. Their engraved photographs and biographies are placed in the National Mining Hall of Fame and MuseumIf you would like to know more about the nomination to inductee process, please click the link below.


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