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The National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum has a large, hands-on collection used in our teaching and displays. Many kits and objects are available to borrow for educational purposes. Use hands-on objects to enhance lessons in your classroom or within the museum.


Museum Kits contain specimens, artifacts, models, and activities for a wide variety of ages. Designed for hands-on learning, the collections can be used in many different ways to help you explore earth sciences, history, and our environment.


Click on each kit's title for full descriptions and pictures:

Matchless Mine Education Kit- History and archaeology of Leadville's famous silver mine
Mineralogist for a Day! - Minerals and their use in our everyday lives
Coal:The Fossil That Feeds the Future- Coal's formation, how it's mined, and how it's used

To learn more about our educational programing, or to make a request to borrow a kit, please contact:


Educational Programming and Events Coordinator
Emma Reynolds


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