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Our Photography Policy

The National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum supports non-commercial photography of its exhibits, facilities and building, and the access to and use of images in its Collections for educational, research, and Museum marketing purposes by students, professors, scholars, the media, the general public, and Museum staff consistent with the long term preservation of the objects in its collections. 
Guidelines and Procedures for General Photography
  • General photography using hand-held camera, no tripods or extra flash equipment (non-commercial photography)
  • Does not damage the objects in the Collection, exhibit furniture, or facilities
  • Does not interfere with the safety and enjoyment of visitors
  • Complies with relevant state and federal copyright and rights of privacy laws and regulations
Copyright Recognition, and Credit Line
  • The Museum does not own copyright of images taken by a non-staff photographer and as such has no control over such images. However, whenever images of the Museum or its collections are published the Museum requests that the photographer identify the Museum as: "National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum
  • The Museum does not own copyrights to images or works of art in our collections that are not in the public domain. The museum requests that images of these works of art be used for personal use only and that credit be given to the artist
Special Permission Required for Commercial Photography or Film
  • For individuals requesting to: photograph using equipment other than hand-held camera, or to film in the galleries or public spaces, please contact the Curatorial Department,

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